Season 2, TRAILER

Lenovo Late Night I.T. Season 2

Lenovo Late Night I.T. Season 2

Unbutton your collar and loosen your sweatpant drawstrings. Lenovo Late Night I.T. is back! Emmy-nominated host and futurist Baratunde Thurston is bringing the heat again in Season 2, ready to dig deep into tech trends while expert guests discuss — and duke it out when necessary (like any good after-hours hang).

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Baratunde Thurston

Meet your host

Baratunde Thurston

Host, Writer, Futurist, Great Guy to Hang Out With After Work

Baratunde is back for Season 2 and ready to get real about IT! He is an Emmy-nominated host of the PBS series America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston, creator of the podcast, How to Citizen with Baratunde, founding partner of the new media startup Puck, and author of NYT best-seller How to Be Black.

After-hours fun fact: MSNBC said Baratunde gave “one of the greatest TED talks of all time.”

Season 2 (8 episodes)
Season 1 (8 episodes)